SNOTRAC - Snohomish County Transportation Coalition


We are committed to getting people where they need to go. If our other transportation options don’t work for you, consider one of these SNOTRAC Programs. 

What is SNOTRAC? We are a partnership of community groups such as transit agencies, human services organizations, advocacy groups and others focused on developing a better transportation system in Snohomish County.  


SNOTRAC Programs:

Pay Your Pal

If you have a disability that prevents you from driving and you live in a rural area that is not near a bus stop, Pay Your Pal may be able to help.  Pay Your Pal provides mileage reimbursement for people who volunteer to drive you to work, school or medical appointments. 

If accepted into the Pay Your Pal program, you are responsible for finding your volunteer drivers.  Your volunteer drivers must be insured and licensed, and their vehicles must be safe and fully operational.


Ride Around the Sound

Learning how to use our public transportation system will empower you to take greater control of your life.  It will increase your independence by preparing you for the day when driving your own car may no longer be an option. 

Ride Around the Sound teaches seniors how to use public buses through specially guided trips to fun locations.

On a Ride Around the Sound Trip you’ll learn:

  • How to plan your trip
  • How to pay your fare
  • How to make transfers
  • How to be safe on the bus


Contact Information

Pay Your Pal Transportation & 
Ride Around the Sound

Homage Senior Services
11323 Commando Rd. W., Suite 215
Everett WA 98204-3532

Pay Your Pal online application

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