What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is an integral part of a non-profit organization. For instance, we advocate for the well-being of seniors and people with disabilities. "Advocacy is an activity by an individual or group which aims to influence decisions within the political, economic, and social systems and institutions"(Wikipedia). Advocacy is designed to change systems or policies at the local, national or international level. Organizations typically leverage advocacy to advance awareness for a cause, change outcomes, or to create a movement-a grassroots organization to rally local support.

Our commitment to success and advocacy is best illustrated by our Promise principles which help shape our programs to better serve you. Our Promise principles are the following:

  • well-being- a pleasing existence, enjoying the good "IN" life
  • Life's journey as we age- a quality means to actively participate in life through the years. hope in the journey of aging.
  • Improving lives and person at a time-caring- for people as individuals on a personalized basis.
  • Respect, love and caring- feelings of admiration and esteem; being health and safe.
  • Peace of mind- a sense of freedom, independence, security and assurance. Making others feel important.
  • It's a way of life- how people fulfill their life with a predisposition for kindness and helping other people (clients, constituents, family members, caregivers, professionals, volunteers, donors, funders, community members associated with Senior Services).

What is the difference between lobbying and advocacy? Lobbying is always advocacy, but advocacy is not always lobbying. Refer to the link below for further distinction.

Other Resources and Links:

This is a great site that tells you about bills and how they are passed (it's kid friendly but it is an easy way to understand the process). It also discusses what is a law and amendment.

The link below will help you find your district and State Representative to contact him/her on issues or causes you feel passionate about.

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